Farmers Market in Paint

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Ciccone - Yan Tan Tethera

Yan Tan Tethera.jpg
Yan Tan Tethera.jpg

Ciccone - Yan Tan Tethera


Sue Ciccone

16” x 20”

Acrylic on Board

  Sheep have always been a fascination with me!  Even as a young  girl I loved taking bike rides into the countryside, sitting on stone walls and just taking in the beauty where the sheep and horses lived.    I remember thinking  that the area I visited reminded me of England.  It was,  however, Malvern!

       I learned that "Yan Tan Tethera" means "One, Two,  Three" and  is a sheep-counting system traditionally used by shepherds in Northern England and so that is where this painting got its name. 

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